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We offer a full series of AVANTI PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS Hi-Flow Carburetors. This Hi-Flow series of carburetors was originally designed for NASCAR, it gives you the torque of the smaller carburetor and the horsepower of the larger carburetor. Available in either gas or alcohol versions, this carburetor is popular with high horsepower pro-street, drag racing, marine or circle track applications.

We start with a brand new carburetor, featuring all metal parts, 4-corner idle adjustment, polished and balanced venturi, thinned butterflies, thinned throttle shafts, and brass floats. Every carburetor we offer is hand assembled, one at a time, for your specific application. After being custom built, each carburetor is also given extensive testing on a running motor. AVANTI PERFORMANCE is a well-respected name in the racing industry. There experience stems back to 1960.

Carburetor Test Machine 4412 Carburetor

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